Burundi has a great deal to offer tourists, including mountainous landscapes, natural parks, wildlife and access to one of Africa’s largest lakes. Since the last 10 years, the country’s travel and tourism industry has been developing at a high speed due to security, inflow of business investors and adhesion of Burundi to some inter-African organizations.

Visitors are offered a warm welcome under the rhythm of the royal drums “ingoma” with frenetic dance by Abatimbo. The country has breathtaking landscapes, savannah forests and the various tourist attractions make Burundi a hot favorite destination of the travelers.

Accommodations as well as eating options are good in almost all the provinces of the country; hence staying in Burundi is fun. The places of interest are various and one can catch the various moods of Burundi while touring this awesome African destination. Waterfalls, natural reserves, lake beaches and shores, hot spring, museums and zoos are the popular tourist attractions of Burundi.

Ecotourism is one of the greatest potentialities of the tourism industry. The national conservation areas, including Kibira National Park, Ruvubu and Lake Tanganyika, all offer unique natural habitats for wildlife. In addition, the country also holds a number of flourishing wildfowl lakes, such as the Rwihinda Lake Natural Reserve, which is a sanctuary for migratory, aquatic birds and has strong potential to attract many visitors. Plans by the government to boost nature-based tourism will help open up new tourist areas and, as a result, stimulate growth in tourism in Burundi.

Burundi will join soon the one single East-African Community tourist visa for EAC members aimed at boosting the region’s tourism and ease the financial strain faced by budget tourists who have to pay multiple visas. The EAC is made up of five countries: Burundi, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda.

This kind of visa allows visitors holding a visa issued by any member state embassy to enjoy a valid for access to any country within the EAC.

To read more about tourism in Burundi, click here and follow the website of Burundi National Tourism Office