Investing in Burundi

The Government of Burundi is aware that the attractiveness of Burundi as a place to invest relies on the improvement of the business environment. The efforts in improving the latter are focused on increasing the competitiveness of the economy in order to enable the Burundian Economy to take advantage of the opportunities offered by open markets.

Indeed, the integration of Burundi in the Eastern African Community (EAC) and in the Common Market for Eastern and Southern Africa (COMESA) represents an opportunity in terms of direct foreign investment. The EAC increases the size of the market accessible to Burundian products and stimulates the diversification of local production. On the other hand, the country will be the focal point of the trade within the sub-region, link up the central Africa, the oriental Africa and the southern Africa.

And if the infrastructures of transportation are developed further, countries such as Rwanda and Uganda will make the choice of transiting their goods through the port of Bujumbura for their commercial exchanges with Southern Africa via Tanganyika Lake. The same applies to the exchanges between the east of the Democratic Republic of Congo and Oriental Africa. Burundi could represent a strategic position for foreign investors wishing to invest in the region and to penetrate neighboring markets.

The opportunities and challenges currently facing Burundi are strongly linked to regional integration that forecast the creation of new realities for the direct foreign investments in the country.

In order to stimulate investment, the government of Burundi has established Burundi Investment Promotion Agency (API) by the Presidential Decree No. 100/177 of 19 October 2009. The agency is the national body responsible for development and investment promotion in Burundi.

The contacts of Burundi Investment Promotion Authority is the following:

Boulevard du 28 Novembre Mutanga Nord,
Immeuble Asharif
P.O. Box 7057 Bujumbura, Burundi
Tel. : (+257) 222 75 996
Email: [email protected]

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